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Season Registration 2023 - 2024

Whether you're a returning rower or new to the Club, we invite you to place your registration now for the season ahead.


All members are required to register each season. The registration falls in line with our Safety Policy and Procedures and complies with the Rowing NZ Rowing Safety Code (2016).

If you haven't rowed at Cure before and would like to join, please contact us at  to discuss options before registering. Leave a contact number and details such as age and experience. 

For our rowers under 18 years of age, we kindly ask that registration be completed with the guidance of a parent or guardian.


Annual fees

Registration Period: 1 September 2023 - 31 August 2024

Fees for 2023-24 are as follows and payable from September as a full-year membership (inclusive GST): 

Standard (Club) Rowing Membership Fee - $450 

(payable by anyone who rows out of the club shed)

Additionally, for any athlete rowing in the Competitive Summer Season, the following fees apply:

   -  Canterbury Rowing Association levy and Rowing NZ Anual Licence - $166.75  

            -  Season Regatta Fee - $306*

TOTAL cost for Competitive Summer Season rowers - $922.75


Coxswain, Competitive Season $336.75

Social Membership - non-rowing $20 

Uniform, travel, and accommodation costs for regattas are arranged outside of the above expenses. 


* Note: The season regatta fee covers entry and boat haulage for regattas up to, and including, the South Island Championships. Entry fees to the NZ Championships will be covered, however, a boat haulage contribution will be required when the regatta is held at Lake Karapiro. Any secondary school regattas that are held at the end of the club season come in as an additional cost to rowers and/or their school. There are opportunities for squads to fundraise toward costs for these specific events.

Payment of fees

Fees are to be paid on receipt of an invoice that is generated on registration.


If you opt for an Automatic Payment (AP), or installments option:​

  • A minimum payment of $450 must be paid by 20 November, thereafter in fortnightly or monthly payments, and

  • Fees are cleared before the commencement of the South Island Championships


Queries concerning fee payment can be made to the treasurer, Gendie Woods, at 

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