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Established in 1868, our club is one of the oldest rowing clubs in the country. Members row on the Kaiapoi River and Waimakariri Estuary, a natural environment we are proud to utilise and share with the wider Waimakariri District community.


We are an Incorporated Society run by a governing team of volunteers and volunteer coaches. Our collective volunteer hours are large as we seek to keep the sport accessible to all those in the Waimakariri community who want to row.

We strive for excellence in rowing, both on the podium and across all levels of engagement.

Grounded in community, membership spans age groups from youth to retirement. We support those who wish to actively compete and those rowing recreationally.

Growth and development of our rangatahi, our young people, is a key club outcome. The value of engagement in quality rowing programmes in the transition of young people into well-rounded adults is significant. The club provides access to rowing for secondary schools across the wider district, with our established members being consistent role models. “It takes a village to raise a child.”

A pathway to elite rowing is actively supported by the club, made possible by motivated and quality coaches. Within the last ten years, the club has produced five New Zealand representatives in Lightweight, Junior, and Under 23 squads, and one Olympian.

Our core values of rower-centricity, and of being inclusive, ethical, and respectful, guide us to meet our club goals.

Our club sets the foundation for anyone with rowing goals and dreams, where commitment to teamwork, time, place, and effort is modeled and nurtured, and where milestone successes are celebrated. Having fun on the way in a safe, supported, club environment goes without saying.