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The Cure Boating Club was established on the 14th September 1868 to “Cure” the fierce rivalry between Kaiapoi river rowing crews that used to meet for high profile races on the Waimakariri and Kaiapoi Rivers.  It is the 4th oldest rowing club in New Zealand and has created many national rowing champions.

The club is a community within itself.  It is managed by a committee of volunteers who provide a range of skills and expertise in business and rowing.

The coaches are also volunteers and dedicate countless hours training, mentoring and fine-tuning our rowers for competition level.

Due to the volunteer principles at Cure, the club is able to offer rowers affordable annual subscriptions and an environment of support and comradery. 

Based in North Canterbury, the clubrooms are literally a few metres from the Kaiapoi River edge.  The new 2 storey building provides downstairs storage for boats with easy access to the water.  Upstairs provides an indoor training facility, a lounge, kitchen and bathrooms, in effect a multi-use zone for the entire club.  

The club also provides a fantastic base for Rangiora High, Kaiapoi High and other school rowers.  The club provides support to students for participation in Canterbury, Otago, South Island and National Club regattas as well the High School regattas.  

Cure Boating Club also has a number of members who are volunteers assisting South Island Rowing at Regattas.  

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Some of the Cure Boating Club Members who volunteer for South Island Rowing