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Our Club is constantly monitoring its health and safety plan and adheres to the NZ Water Safety Code 2016.

We take the safety of our members seriously.  All new members receive an induction into the club when they join and returning rowers are briefed at the start of each season. 

We have an appointed Health & Safety Officer. Safety is a standing item at monthly committee meetings.

On-water incident & near-miss reporting​

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Reporting informs the development of GOOD PRACTICE and can save people from future harm. Club coaches and unaccompanied rowers are to report any incident or near-miss using the form linked above. The report is received by Peter Midgley, our Safety Officer.

Contact Peter directly with any concerns/queries or if there has been an incident involving injury. Mobile / Email

Club documentation



Club Safety Policy and Procedures


Club Member Protection Policy

Club Preventing Bullying and Harassment Policy

​Guidelines, processes & procedures:

Club Rowing Safety Guidelines

(issued to all club members)​


The Kaiapoi and Waimakariri River Rowing Areas (includes identified hazards and map)

Cure Boating Club RAMS